Just when you thought it was time to cuddle up by the fire and burn autumn leaves to keep warm, a new race is on the horizon and it involves beer..

A Plan has been hatched to run the inaugural ‘Dash of Honour’ Bottles and Chains race close by the cenotaph this May the 24th on a Sunday.

Be there at 7pm to thrash the cobblestoned surface of the cenotaph parade loop in the 1 lap, 10 Lap and 100 Lap events.  And for those who don’t drink, there is a 1000 lap enduro to cap it off (Just bring nobbly tires as the ground might well be thick with cans by the time you’ve finished).

Not a bad surface
Not a bad surface

What: Track Race that is more square than circular

When: 7pm, Sunday May 24th, 2009

Who: Bottles and Chains

Why: The track is there to be used

What to Bring: A bike, lights, heavy duty slide wear (there is 4 tight corners a lap), and some bottles.

That flower should be red by the time we've finished
That flower should be red by the time we’ve finished

7 thoughts on “DASH OF HONOUR”

  1. RE: 100 lap event. how many laps off per beer?

    i reckon 4 beers should equate to 10 laps off the race distance and every beer thereafter is another 10 off. failure to finish 4 beers will not be rewarded with any race distance reductions. someone could win with 10 beers and 30 laps.


  2. smart thinking nic, we have to make sure it works not advantage strong drinkers or strong riders unequally

  3. What’s the distance around that thing? with the 100 laps we could be looking at about 20kms? The climb up the right hand side is going to get brutal after a few laps.

  4. It looks like 100 laps will give a bit over 32km!

    Good luck to the 320km hardmen going overnight on the 1000 lapper!

    Its going to be fun.

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