Patrick Swayze Day

Leave the bike in the shed today… Just like ‘Point Break’,  the proverbial ‘Ten Year Storm’ has rolled into the Derwent River and will be lighting up all the southern points over the next two days.. The swell is expected to peak late Thursday or early Friday morning. Currently there is a small wave on 7 Mile Point and a dag on a few of the southern reefs (hint hint) ..I’m waiting for the word and I’ll bail on work and hit some waves with the Old Man. It’s worth taking a look at the current off-the-richter swell charts and also perhaps keep an eye on the Cremore Point web cam Just to whet the wave appetite here is a pic of Nutgrove Point in Sandy Bay doin it’s thing last time a swell like this one rolled in..

Nutgrove Point, Sandy Bay.

Author: Ben

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3 thoughts on “Patrick Swayze Day”

  1. ha ha i remember that day at nutgrove. there was a huge backwash off the wall and we were all trying to pull backflips off the 4 foot wash. ahh memories…

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