When you’re not expecting much…

Rise Against have done alot in their existance as a band, more lineup changes than is worth counting, a couple of record labels, a quintet of albums and shitloads of tours. Basically the only thing that has remained a constant throughout is the fact that they’ve been getting steadily worse. Each album seems to get shitter than the last (with the possible exception of Revolutions Per Minute which is probably as good as The Uravelling but… you get the point).

┬áSo what a surprise I got when I found a copy of their latest work and discovered that they’ve written some ripper songs this time around. I was expecting a bunch of radio singles, slow and with big choruses and there are a few, sure, but there is also a powerload or awsome stuff too. And having expected it to be bad, well… it just makes it even better. Check it out.


Maximum output, activate the pit!

“[Scott] Vogel is widely known in the scene not just for his tireless efforts to keep hardcore punk and metalcore “pure” and “fun,” but for his love of stagedives, and for his tendency for bizarre and often hilarious on-stage banter, known colloquially as “Vogelisms“. Examples include: “We need to elevate the maximum stagedive potential”, “Take this shit to the next level”, “Who cares if you’re Christian?”, and “Maximum output! Activate the pit!””

– Wikipedia

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Bikes and Bridges

Defiance Ohio are a totally neat band from Florida. They make awesome heartfelt folk punk music about good stuff (including bikes). They’re touring here in January. You show go and see them.

Even Columbus looks better on the back seat of a bike and all my fears get washed away in a stream of blinking lights and the concrete strip below seems less like a noose and more like a tie that binds or at least a tourniquet. it’s been such a hard season and the bridges we burned might be all we had to keep us from drowning. but at least we had this time; and i’d like to think we’re better off for it. i’ll remember this. sometimes broken things make the best building supplies. and we’ll keep on building. hearts aren’t made of glass, they’re made of muscle and blood and something else. and they don’t so much as break as bend and tear. we have what it takes to keep it together; and move on.

-Defiance Ohio, Bikes and Bridges (from their record Share What Ya Got)

Def,OH said…
Any relationship that matters – a friendship, a family, a romance, a band – anything – is a perilous and fragile thing because along with all the amazing experiences and creations that can come from something so intimate and exhausting comes the possibility for things to crumble and shatter or whither and die. when that happens, it’s easy to forget what was precious amidst all the disaster. we should always carry our history with us but never let it bury us.

All transmitters to full, all recievers to boost

Joe Strummer was the amazing frontman for The Clash, one of the seminal bands of the early punk rock scene. Later on he did a bunch of stuff with his band The Mescaleros, and it all totally rules. There’s a new documentary out about Joe, titled The Future Is Unwritten. There’s a showing at the State Cinema in Hobart tomorrow night (Friday Nov 2) at 7:45.

If you love punk rock you’d better get along and see it.

Click the image to watch the trailer.

Burning lungs and a pact with the devil

A few of us at BnC HQ do a bit of work in the music promotion scene. This involves putting up a lot of posters, which generally sucks.

Luckily, there’s a cure for boring poster runs. Bikes. Throw three ugly punks onto bikes, arm them with a messenger bag full of posters and a few rolls of tape, and BAM! You’ve got yourself a high-speed, highly mobile postering machine.

Bike Postering
Photo: Liam gets blurry

It’s also a great time to be on the roads. No cars, no cares. So keep your eyes peeled next time you’re out on a dark, cold night…you may see something out the corner of your eye.

Bottles and Chains encourages you to attend:

Between The Devil and The Deep with Lungs (both from Sydney)
@ The Loft, Hobart
Saturday June 7
5pm ALL AGES – 8pm (-ish) 18+

Be there, all the cool kids are doing it.

Thrash it ’til it breaks

This has been on repeat at BnC HQ since I ‘discovered’ a copy of it on Friday. I’m a massive fan of Against Me! and it’s safe to say I was worried about the direction of this album. I’m still really disappointed that they’re on a major label, but they’ve definitely crafted an amazing record right here. It’s released officially on July 10, and I’d highly recommend getting your hands on it. Catchy as all hell.

Against Me! - New Wave