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  1. L-Dub, the mystery is easliy solved. Use your Sherlockian powers of deduction.

    A shady forest? Taroona.

    An old red bike? The Hobart Bike Kitchen.

    Tight unpractical trousers for cycling? Gus.

    …mystery solved. The above image is of Gus and his newly completed fixed touring bike build. Gus has moved on from his ‘Hold Steady’ days becoming a huge ‘Alexisonfire’ fan (hence the outfit).

  2. Burzum, lol. Yeah, that’s Varg Vikern’s track coach, Euronymous. He has his Level 3 accreditation in burning churches to the ground.

  3. Gus, don’t disappoint at Courteous Mass tonight.

    Though the wrist bands would be a bugger if you ever have an “off”.

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