Our backyard is a gentle grassy slope, littered with rocks and mounds that resemble small moguls. The perfect playground for a bike riding toddler. Huon has the lines through his little patch sorted, he knows to throw a leg out for moto cornering, which sections to ‘peddle’ through, where to ‘pin it’, and when to apply the brakes. He’s got the yard so dialled I decided it was time to introducing him to a bigger pond, the Taranna State Forest. There are a few small patches of tidy single track up there, and one near enough to the house for a two year old boy to ride. That’s where we headed. We rode up the hill to the head of the single track, stopping at the top to catch our breath and build a sand castle. Huon took the lead on the first descent and I was shocked at the speed he got up on that little 12″ wheeled bike, the boy really did bomb the hill. Not Sam Hill fast, but fast relative to his size. Wow. We spent about an hour doing reps on that one section of single track, each time Huon gained more and more confidence until on the final run he looked for bumps and lumps to ‘jump’ off. We’ll be going back for more in the morning.

Author: Ben

Not Porter Ricks

3 thoughts on “Huon”

  1. Awesome.

    How old is he here? (2 years and how many months?)
    What age did he start?
    What sort of bike is it?

    Sorry for all the questions – I’ve got a bike obsessed 22 month old with a 2nd birthday approaching…

  2. Hey Aj,

    Huon pictured is 2 years, 1 month. He started riding his First Bike (available from most bike shops via Dirtworks) in earnest at about 21 months, but was pushing it about and playing with it at 19 months. I would strongly suggest getting a First Bike, the seat height is adjustable, it has drum brakes with little levers suitable for small hands, and the whole bike screams quality. Huon is now 2.5 years and can corner full moto style! Do it, you won’t regret it!


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