Airport HELL

Ever rocked up to the Airport to find it’s closed? Yep, it happens. Sucks even worse when ya flight is cancelled and the smiling Airline Hostess gives you ‘credit’ that can be used next time you decide to throw caution to the wind and recklessly book a flight with their carrier in the hope it may actually fly somewhere… Not that they are going ANYWHERE today. So what can you do? You’ve got a huge bike box at your feet that effectively shackles you to the Airport ‘lounge’ for the next zillion hours.. Hmmn, ok. Try another Airline? Well we’re at the Airport so I’ll walk up to a counter and ask about flight availibilty later today, right? WRONG. The counters are ALL closed. I’d shut the doors too.. I can SEE the irate, would-be-passengers around me and they don’t look at all happy (and fk.. I wouldn’t wanna deal with that big cranky Tongan woman either). Next option, call the Airlines instead. Next, I’m on the blower to India and the Callcenter-Lady and I can’t understand one another.. fkn hell. H-O-B-A-R-T. Yes Hobart. H for Harry, O for October… (You get the picture..) Anyway, $500 dollars later (on the credit card of course.. I have a wallet as thick as a third year Uni Student’s) and I have booked ANOTHER flight home …the fkrs stung me $100 for my pushie so now I’m extra pissed. Will it actually take off? I dunno.. Will I make my connecting flight? Hope so.. Best case scenario I’ll have been in transit for 18hrs.. worse case… I hate to think.

I am seriously considering un-packing my bike and holding an all comer’s skid comp in the terminal. I reckon the Tongan lady has it in the bag.

Rant end.

Author: Ben

Bicycle Hobo

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