Cross Your Heart

For those who haven’t noticed, PDX Cross is back for another season. As we ease (very) slowly towards warmer weather, we can entertain ourselves by browsing plentiful images of people covered in mud and grime, tearing themselves apart on the cyclocross courses of Portland. Naturally, they always seem to be enjoying themselves (when they’re not bleeding, and sometimes even then). Roll on over for all your tasty CX needs.


To keep on with the theme, I just dropped a heap of magic beans on a new frame and some cantilever brakes. I’d say bring on the mud, but given the weather over the last few months, there’s really no need. Might need to up the cowbell content though. Now to start pondering components and colours…thoughts on black?

Hobart – Tokyo – New York – LONDON

Fashionable Dave

Thanks to the deviates over at HoP I somehow found myself on the website of some trendy London magazine looking at a fashion spread…riiiiight. All seems as it should be until the images actually load and a strangely familiar face appear. That’s right, (not-so-)resident BnC possum lover, world-traveller and former Hobart messenger Dave ‘Possum’ McCaig, filling the square frame of a medium format portrait decked out in some kind of street wear that must in some way be deemed cool by someone (obviously). Will wonders never cease!? As far as I can recall, Dave’s greatest contribution to fashion was riding around in tight black jeans with worm our bums from too much riding. God help us if that suddenly becomes fashionable! He also once borrowed a hoody from me I think, so I guess that’s got to count for something. Now all of a sudden he’s gracing the pages of fashion shoots with assorted urban types and having things written about him such as ‘David wears: Jacket Element‘.

I can only guess he’s been dragged into the fast paced world of fashion, drugs, bicycles and rehab by his brother Ryan who got so famous that some guys made a t-shirt about him. Let’s hope he sticks with his well-earned nickname of ‘Sipsy McCaig’ and doesn’t all of a sudden find himself in the gutter with a face full of white power next to a 17 year old stripper, although he probably wouldn’t have any complaints.

I guess that in the same way that beating a guy who beat some other guy made Andy a world champion, and beating some other guy who rode in some race made Ben, well…something, I guess Dave being in a fashion shoot in turns makes all of us sexy motherfuckers. You know it.

No rest for the wicked

The weekend turned into somewhat of a marathon BnC event, and damn it was good. We hit the track on Friday night and Ben threw himself in amongst the pack. He came in…last. Not bad for a guy running 75 gear inches and spinning his way into the future. Come along and watch him dominate next week!  Naturally, that event was followed with a couple of beers and a mean bean curry at Liam’s place. That guy can cook up a storm.

Saturday we threw Clinton onto his track bike, street gearing, sans brake. First street ride? Why not head out to Lauderdale? Some may say it was a mistake (Clinton included), but he was grinning all the way. Unfortunately a suprise hill, an emergency skid and the badly-timed unclipping of a shoe lead to a short, sharp meeting with a fence post. Safe to say we patched him up and kept rolling for a bit before retreating to the city.

Next up, the skate park to watch some BMX crew shred it up. Canadian Dave was in full effect, having ditched the fixie for small wheels and a slightly smaller frame. Rain bailed it up and we headed to The Brisbane for the premier of Sam Orchard’s new Tassie BMX flick Forward Motion. Riders destroying it, awesome footage, well edited, rad tunes, can’t go wrong! “Best Australian BMX movie I’ve seen” according to an un-named source (Dave).

A few too many jugs of beer later and it was time to hit a few parties and roll the streets in wobbles and skids. I’m fairly sure you can get charged with RUI, so let’s just count ourselves lucky to be fine-free.

Sunday saw a seedy bunch crawl up the mountain and come down it at ridiculous speeds, given the previous night’s performance. No death, luckily. Dave rode 26 inches on dirt for the first ever and survived it like the laughing demon he is. Let’s hope it won’t be the last time.

But for now, enough yapping. Click more for photos that are sure to screw up the site layout but, whatever…

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