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Fashionable Dave

Thanks to the deviates over at HoP I somehow found myself on the website of some trendy London magazine looking at a fashion spread…riiiiight. All seems as it should be until the images actually load and a strangely familiar face appear. That’s right, (not-so-)resident BnC possum lover, world-traveller and former Hobart messenger Dave ‘Possum’ McCaig, filling the square frame of a medium format portrait decked out in some kind of street wear that must in some way be deemed cool by someone (obviously). Will wonders never cease!? As far as I can recall, Dave’s greatest contribution to fashion was riding around in tight black jeans with worm our bums from too much riding. God help us if that suddenly becomes fashionable! He also once borrowed a hoody from me I think, so I guess that’s got to count for something. Now all of a sudden he’s gracing the pages of fashion shoots with assorted urban types and having things written about him such as ‘David wears: Jacket Element‘.

I can only guess he’s been dragged into the fast paced world of fashion, drugs, bicycles and rehab by his brother Ryan who got so famous that some guys made a t-shirt about him. Let’s hope he sticks with his well-earned nickname of ‘Sipsy McCaig’ and doesn’t all of a sudden find himself in the gutter with a face full of white power next to a 17 year old stripper, although he probably wouldn’t have any complaints.

I guess that in the same way that beating a guy who beat some other guy made Andy a world champion, and beating some other guy who rode in some race made Ben, well…something, I guess Dave being in a fashion shoot in turns makes all of us sexy motherfuckers. You know it.

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  1. MP. My vote for ‘BEst POST EVER’. Classic my friend.

    Dave, IS Zoolander for sure.. full sexy possum lips?

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