Wash it all away

Misty hills

Photo: Out the back door at BnC HQ

 I don’t mind a bit of rain, it makes for nice scenery and keeps things interesting. It’s also great when you can sit in front of the heater and listen to it on a tin roof. Pity it can make for a nasty bike ride.

When it comes to bikes (and all things in general), we’re pretty positive here at BnC. No elitism, no arrogance, just a pure, passionate love of anything with two wheels and pedals. If you’re riding it, we like it. That said, there’s nothing wrong at chuckling at a bit of light-hearted digging.

On a more positive note, the articles over at Old Skool Track have been putting a grin on my face and getting my feet itching for pedals. Lots of musings and writings on the joy of riding fixed, and a love of bikes in general. Go and have a look, it’ll inspire you, I promise.

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