A random link showed up in the BnC inbox today, which looked a little dubious. Pretty Boy promptly sent through a message re-stating the link, which could either be a seal of approval or a suggestion towards a healthy dose of BnC-style cynicism and heckling. Either way, I went and visited this website and saw what looks like a bunch of Alien and Leader frames built up with custom colours, fancy spoke patterns, painful saddle angles, dubious brake set up and odd rim drillings. There’s a lot of talk about lifestyle and aesthetic and paradigm shifts and other such stuff. It’s difficult to avoid getting a little BSNYC about it all, so instead I think I’ll just open it up to the discerning readers of this fine website and allow you to start flinging the stinky stuff around. Have at it!

9 thoughts on “Ummmm…”

  1. how’s the bullhorns wrapped in leather bar tape?

    …it’s kinda like when bands say that they’re trying to play out of tune and discordantly because ‘it’s art man’, but you can just tell that they’re too shit to play well.

  2. oh god. are these guys for real? these bikes are straight-up ugly. could any of these bikes been more clich├ęd? and they seriously called themselves “sexy?” why? were the words “groovy” and “funky” already registered as domain names? WTF?

    i’m willing to bet these bikes were built by some gold-coast muscled-up douche bags that moved to melbourne to get some cred.

    these motherfuckers should stick to their hotted up subarus and leave us alone…

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