Glory through suffering

More words. It’s not quite the same as being on a bike, but it’s a good thing regardless.

As if you need any help to get into the mood for the Tour, read a little about pain. I’ll be the first to admit Rapha’s offerings make me reach for my wallet before sighing at the all-too-obvious realisation that I’ll have to go a few weeks without eating if I ever want to afford anything from them. Reading their website will have to sate my appetite for now, as it has since I discovered it.

Cyclists and fans across the world are getting excited for the big one. I know my next three weeks are going to be filled with late night city rides followed by a few hours in front of SBS. Nothing inspires quite like watching someone else suffer through it all and come out victorious. Let’s hope it’s as clean as a mid-winter night with the stars open above and the city empty before your wheels.

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