Joel came into work yesterday and pointed my eyes at this thing…

It’s a Vassago Fisticuff. I guess the small text under the big text in that picture kinda explains it, but it’s still confusing. It takes 700c wheels, but can run 650b with wider tyres. It takes disc brakes, or rim brakes. Goes geared, SS or fixed. I’m sure it’d work with drops, flats or risers. I really don’t really get it, but I do know that as soon as I saw that picture I decided I want one. It may jsut be the bike-hoarder that lurks just below the surface in me, or maybe it’s all this stickin-it-to-the-man that Matt and Ben have been doing lately. Either way, it gets me a little hot under the collar. It’s been belting down with rain here all afternoon, and that really looks like the kind of bike that should be thrashed in the mud.

So yeah, fairly pointless post, but maybe someone will like it and buy one, then they can bring it to the shop and I can take it for a ride.

3 thoughts on “Monster”

  1. Man that bike is pretty freaking nice. I’d be tempered to get one and build it up with alfine 8 speed. (you can get sti shifter for them now)

    Thats if I didn’t already own my Charge (wish I had it with me)

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