Cross Your Heart

For those who haven’t noticed, PDX Cross is back for another season. As we ease (very) slowly towards warmer weather, we can entertain ourselves by browsing plentiful images of people covered in mud and grime, tearing themselves apart on the cyclocross courses of Portland. Naturally, they always seem to be enjoying themselves (when they’re not bleeding, and sometimes even then). Roll on over for all your tasty CX needs.


To keep on with the theme, I just dropped a heap of magic beans on a new frame and some cantilever brakes. I’d say bring on the mud, but given the weather over the last few months, there’s really no need. Might need to up the cowbell content though. Now to start pondering components and colours…thoughts on black?

12 thoughts on “Cross Your Heart”

  1. Soma Doublecross? Yes.

    Black 105 gruppo? Yes.

    Black Deep Vs? Yes.

    What brakes did you procure? Pauls??

    Looking forward to the years end Old Salt!

  2. Sky blue Deep Vs, hell yes.

    Paul NeoRetro for the front, Paul Touring for the rear. Black, of course.

  3. MP the pic ain’t working.. and goddam you for posting the Paul link! I went and bought a chain guide for my 1×10 ‘cross build! >:(

  4. Great photos, but to complete the CX look I think another run of B&C skinsuits is required 😉

  5. Lingy, BnC Skinsuits can be purchased anytime thru the ‘buy’ weblink on the top right-hand side of the page. Sold a few skinnys, very popular with the Melburn BnC Chapter.. few of the Brunswick Track-heads run ’em..

  6. That Paul stuff looks quality.

    I’ve just bought a bike with same Tange Prestige tubing as Mischa’s. Can’t wait for it to ship.

  7. Gus, what bike? A Tange Prestige recumbent? Tange Prestige unicycle? More information young fella..

  8. Misha, looking forward to seeing the CX build.
    I just picked up a nice NOS belgian cross frame that I’m building up ss for the psychocross event we are holding here in Melbs on 13 November – it will have some nos suntour xc pro cantis although I’ve also got a set of the mafac cantis that the Pauls you have are based on – build should be done in a week and I’ll post pix on

  9. Sick, sounds rad! Be sure to post snaps when it’s done. I got my groupset today. Getting closer! I’d better order a fork tomorrow, and hopefully my frame will show up soon.

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