The Road Goes Ever On

Here’s a little more footage and some snaps from the Hobart Ouse Hobart 2009. Nicely done by Ross. I’d like to point your attention to the highly professional zip-up-and-salute performed by this particular rider. Future grand tour rider in the making I’d have to say.

And here’s a little Rapha from Josh.

Josh's Rapha

9 thoughts on “The Road Goes Ever On”

  1. So is this going to be an annual event?
    How about a BnC raid on the ASH Dash? Though that took 9 hours with gears, so wouldn’t recommend a fixie.

  2. What’s the Ash Dash?

    Not sure about annual at the moment, but I really wouldn’t be surprised.

    The next big plan is for an overnight ride from Launceston to Hobart just before Christmas, should be a ripper!

  3. Ok, follow this: The Annual Seven Hills
    Start at Parliament
    1 neika
    2 lower longley
    port huon
    3 back to silver hill
    4 woodbridge saddle
    5 garden island
    6 pelverata
    7 neika
    back to Parliament. 209km. My 3rd road bike ride.

  4. That sounds pretty huge Kiwi, would be a rough jaunt on a track bike, but I’m as hard as nails and would do it in wet jeans and on 72inches anyday of the week. Blindfolded. Gauntlet is down GENTLEMEN.

  5. Kiwi – you told me that was your FIRST road ride :)You still beat home the seasoned roadie veterans, regardless. What’s your secret? Oh and Woodbridge = Pain.

  6. I road it around the block the thursday before, & the roadies put the hurt on me.
    But when it comes to the long distance, mountainbikers all the way. Camelback & peaked helmet as well.
    I don’t remember Mischas post being so macho 2 days ago?
    & Woodbridge was a world of pain & I had a triple. The food stops at the top of the hills were great though.

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